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When our three-year-old daughter, Jane, was diagnosed with stage IV Wilms tumor (a pediatric kidney cancer), our eyes were opened to some harsh realities:*

  • Cancer kills more kids than all other diseases combined

  • One in 285 children in the US will be diagnosed with cancer before they’re 20 years old.

  • Nearly 700 children every single day are diagnosed with cancer worldwide.

  • About thirty-five percent of children diagnosed with cancer will die within 30 years of diagnosis. Add 30 years to your child's age -- is that long enough?

Yet pharmaceutical companies spend almost nothing on research and development because there aren't enough sick kids to make it profitable. And there is scant government funding. The NIH allocates less than 4% of cancer research budget to childhood cancers -- and that's for ALL childhood cancers.

We realized children battling cancer need some magic. Magic born from the dreams, hard work and dedication of the visionary doctors and scientists at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Immunotherapy offers kids a better cure. One free of life-long chronic and possibly fatal health challenges brought on by the toxicity of chemotherapy and radiation. Working in the most collaborative research community in the country, our team believe they have the science and the track record, all they lack are the funds to bring this treatment to more young patients. ImmunoMomentum! was founded to accelerate this world-class immunotherapy research. 


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